[gnome-love] GNOME Love Day

Sunday, November 21st is a very special GNOME love day dedicated to
spreading the love for Yelp, GNOME's own rocking help browser.  Our
freindly and experienced hackers will be on hand to help bring new
developers up to speed.

Development on the 2.9.x series has been rapid, and there are plenty of
tasks suitable for new developers.  Here's a partial list of the fun and
excitement you can expect:

- Polish the man page converter
- Implement bookmarks
- Implement multi-level history
- Implement title pages and cover pages
- Make the contents pages prettier
- Dig into accessibility issues

The love begins on November 21st at 10:00AM CST and will continue to
9:00PM CST, or whenever I fall asleep.  That's 16:00 UTC to 03:00 UTC.
Join us on IRC in #gnome-love.

And remember, every day is a good day for GNOME love.  Whether you want
to hack Yelp or not, whether you can make it out on Sunday or not, you
can always come to #gnome-love to get started.


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