[gnome-love] Things that make you go "What in the world is That?!?"

Hi everybody,

As part of my tutorial (found at
http://www.gnome.org/~newren/tutorials/developing-with-gnome/ -- yes,
the location has changed for those of you who have read earlier
versions), I have a section on trying to answer a question that was
way too common as I tried to get started; namely, "What in the world
is That?!?".

I'd like some help with suggestions on what to cover.  Of course, my
tutorial is limited in scope so I cannot add everything.  (I want to
make sure anything I add is relevant to most/many new developers,
among other things.)  But, I thought this could be a fun and
instructive thread on gnome-love as well.

So, if there was something that you asked that question about when you
were starting or if there's something that still makes you ask that
question *and* it isn't already covered (i.e. please read
first), please respond to this email.  Since I cannot guarantee to add
all such suggestions to my tutorial, if your suggestion is something
that still puzzles you, let the list know and hopefully someone will
be able to answer.


P.S.  I imagine that responses could easily (and accidentally) become
off-topic.  Hopefully if that happens, I or others can jump in and
re-direct the thread.

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