[gnome-love] Modem dialup in gnome

A while back there was a discussion on gnome-love about writing a
modem dialer for gnome as it has been a missing link in the desktop for
a long time, and as much as we would all love to be using DSL there are
always going to be modem users, expecially as Open Source spreads into
the developing world.

Anyway, we were pointed to the gnome-system-tools and I filled some
feature request bugs. And thanks to the hard work of
garnacho tuxerver net (can't remember his name) we now have:
* A dialup connection wizard(as well as wizards for all other network
connection types)
* Modem auto-detection

The tools are still in need of a lot of texting and bugsquashing, but
the infrastructure is there to create a modem connections by just
providing a username, password and phone number.

The last remaining issue is with actually dialing these connections.
Personally I use the modem-lights applet, but this really needs to
die as it is extrememly unintuitive to configure.

It is possible to bring up and down connections in the network tool
but this is less that ideal as it is a configuration dialog that
must be run as root.

What we need to complete the picture is tantalisingly simple: A
gtk2 frontend to ifup! ie. You click on "Connect to Internet" on the
desktop or in the menus somewhere and you are presented with a list of
modem connections that you have created with the gst(or the redhat
tools, or any other tools). You select your connection and click
"Connect". It then procedes to dial and
once finished minimises to the notifiction area. Clicking on the
notification area will give you info about the connection.

As usual I have neither the time nor the expertese required to undertake
this, but I'm hoping that someone on either of the two lists will take
it up, given it's relative simplicity and importance.

One thing I'm not sure about, is whether it would need to be built ontop
of the gst portability infrastructure or whether it would be the same
for all distros. If possible might be better not to have it as part of
the gst as certain distros may never ship them..

But if someone can tell me that this must be in the gst I'll just file a
feature request with them..


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