Re: [gnome-love] Task manager for GNOME

On 9 Jul 2003, Shaun ONeil wrote:

I know I could put together a nice wrapper script.
I am trying to think of things from a very Desktop/Graphical User Inteface
oriented users point of view.

Take a look at gnome-network (in gnome ftp and cvs). It has
remote-shell, remote-desktop, and several others - the first of which
sounds to be exactly what you're aiming for.

Quick screenshot at


Thanks for the infromation but it does highlight the difficutly of finding
out new software (as in software you dont already know about).  Older
sysadmins have a terrible habit of recommending classic Unix tools when
easier graphical ones exist and they leave users wondering why Linux is so

What I am trying to get at is that someone who had used windows for a long
time would expect something useful to happen when the type telnet in the
Run Dialog.
Perhaps it is the job of each linux distribution to make sure that a
"graphical" telnet/ssh/ftp/ssh/scp client appears when the user tries to
use them from within the graphical user interface and only use the
command line / ncurses interfaces if the user starts the program from the
terminal window.
A way to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for would
be a big improvement, now that Gnome is more mature and feature filled.


Alan Horkan

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