[gnome-love] Re: Working with backgrounds

On Fri, 2003-08-29 at 01:56, Erik Grinaker wrote:
- I don't know about the idea of editing settings for individual
backgrounds, I don't think this would be entirely intuitive (altough it
is a smart solution). I think we should use "global" settings, but
attempt to set sensible defaults based in the image size:

    - Image is less than, say, 25% of the screen; tiled
    - Image proportion is roughly that of screen; stretched
    - Image proportion does not match screen: scaled
    - I think very few people actually use center, so manual only

What?  My experience (not just my personal use but also watching others
I know) is that center is used quite a lot, and that tiled is used by
almost no one.  Obviously, without a real study, my experience can't
trump yours, but I think it does show that doing something such as
removing centering as a choice is a bad idea unless you can somehow show
that those around me really are in the minority.

Just my $.02,

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