So we got a massive ammount of people subscribing to the list in the
last few days after the GNOME summary was posted.  I am psyched!

So lets just give a quick introduction to the list.

Basically, gnome-love is a list where we will be working with
newcomers that want to contribute to GNOME, and we will help them
through the whole process: maybe from the very first contributions to
become full fledged hackers (if that is what they want).

I strongly recommend you to check http://www.gnome.org/todo for
available tasks.  If you have ideas about tasks that you want to get
added, just click on the `Add' button (I think it is public, if not,
mail joakim gnome org to get him to add your task).

If you have noticed problems in GNOME, you are not alone.  We all
have.  Lets make GNOME perfect, and lets make GNOME the best desktop
available, and the most usable.  

Do not be afraid of criticizing something in GNOME and offering your
ideas and opinions.  We want to hear them, and we want you to be part
of the process that will improve our loved desktop.

So, lets get the ball rolling.


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