[gnome-love] Re: gnome-vim bonobo component

You can check it out at http://www.opensky.ca/gnome-vim

I'd be interested to hear what people think.

I've heard that the new Anjuta is a program that is using bonobo components
heavily. It would be really great to see gnome-vim working in that app.

If the component supports Bonobo::PersistFile or Bonobo::PersistStream,
then the component is automatically usable with anjuta2 for basic
editings (very much like nautilus file view). You can try out running
anjuta2 and you will get a list of editable components in the document
manager. Just select your gnome-vim component and you are there.

For high level editing such as markers, folds etc, the component need to
have the the GNOME::Development::EditorGutter interface. This interface
is available with the gdl library.

You can consider implementing it, if you want to export more powerful
interfaces for your editing component.


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