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CC-ing Anjuta-devel, since this seems relevant.

On Tue, 2001-12-04 at 19:25, Janne Morén wrote:
On Mon, 2001-12-03 at 19:37, John Ericson wrote:
On Nov 30 16:23, Jason D. Hildebrand wrote:
I've created a bonobo component which embeds VIM inside a zvt widget, and
implements part of the GtkHTML interface.  It works with Evolution (if you
hack evolution a bit so that it knows about gnome-vim).

I thought there would be a general interface for text editors in gnome?
Isnt the GtkHTML interface for WYSIWYG web editing? Ofcourse I can see the
possibilities to use vi for web editing too but it should really work as an
general text-editor component IMHO.
I've heard that the new Anjuta is a program that is using bonobo components
heavily. It would be really great to see gnome-vim working in that app.

Oh yes. I downloaded Anjuta, seeing if it had the potential to
eventually being used in our company as an IDE. Turns out that version
0.1.7 already seems to do just about everything you'd want such an
environment to do (makes me wonder what 1.0 is aiming for. World peace?
Antigravity?). The one and only thing missing is getting vim embedded -
the others are happy with the editor - scintilla, I think - but my
fingers stray to vi bindings too often for it to be practical for me.

If it is just key bindings, I'm sure one can modify Scintilla to get
whatever keybinding you want. However, Scintilla has lots of other
functionality, for example dropdown autocompletion and calltips, which
are non-trivial to implement in VIM (Try 0.1.8 to see what I mean).

Anyone interested in adding basic VIM keybindings to Scintilla ? I must
admit I'm tempted, since I suffer from VI-mania as well (comes from
working long hours on *NIX machines, I guess :-). I think I'll raise
this issue in the Scintilla ML as well.


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