[gnome-love] GVim and Bonobo

Hi... I have posted the source to a working
Desktop::Editor interface... if any of you would like
to test it.  I have only tested it with CCView which
does not use all the methods.  What other apps use the
Desktop editor interface?  This wrapper also
implements two CCView interfaces, CCView::Editor,
which addes insertLine and CCView::Configure, which
has one method, configure.

You can download the source from
If there is enough interest, I can create a
Sourceforge project or something... I dunno.

To recap the functionality of this program, it
translates bonobo methods into vim commands, which are
sent to a vim window through the X Server.  

I think this would work really well for a distributed
development enviroment.  Is Anjuta2 capable of opening
a bunch of windows kinda like the GIMP or KDevelop?  I
think this is great functionality to have, because
then I could have a GVim window open and get all the
menu- and tool- bars, with all the nice option windows
and such...

Another question, maybe better suited to the devtools
list, but here it goes.  Is there another interface
that Anjuta uses that has support for like folding and
indenting?  I know Vim itself has support for folding
and also has a function that will return the
indentation that the current line should have
according to the rules.


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