Re: Why are there no desktop icons with Wayland?

Hey Sébastien,

well I'm on Fedora 25 with Gnome and Wayland and switching on the
Desktop icons clutters my Desktop with icons... (whole home directory
since no Desktop directory in home)

So for Fedora it is working for Ubuntu you need to find help with
someone else because I can't reproduce that. But it seems to be a Bug
and might be due to ubuntus old version of nautilus or modifications of

As of the background of those decissions I think the gnome people
evaluated several usability studies and conducted their own to find that
desktop icons are mostly less productive than no desktop icons since
most people tend to have a rather full desktop. Apart from that They are
bad for perfomance since icons have to be loaded from all the different

The replacement is the search bar in the activities menu. Just type the
first few letters of your file and you will have it no matter where it
is located in the home directory.

all the best

PS: I'm not a developer just a user of the gnome software so only
personal opinions expressed here.

On 18/04/17 16:09, Sébastien Pierre wrote:
Hi Franz,

They are indeed missing in Wayland, even when forcing the setting with
Gnome Tweak Tool -- does it work for you? I'm on Ubuntu Gnome 17.04. Out
of curiosity, what was the rationale behind this design decision? It
seems weird to remove something without providing a replacement or


-- Sébastien

2017-04-18 10:03 GMT-04:00 Franz Dietrich <enaut w googlemail com
<mailto:enaut w googlemail com>>:

    Hey Sebastien,

    to not have any desktop icons per default is a design decision by
    gnome and has nothing to do with Wayland.

    You can bring them back with the extra settings in gnome tweak
    tools... I have never missed them once I got used to having a clean
    desktop though.

    If they are missing only in Wayland that might be a bug.

    Hope that helps.

    Am 18. April 2017 15:53:46 MESZ schrieb "Sébastien Pierre"
    <sebastien pierre gmail com <mailto:sebastien pierre gmail com>>:

        Hi there,

        I'm coming back to Gnome following up the announced death of
        Unity, and had one question that I couldn't find any answer for:
        why are there no desktop icons in Gnome/Wayland? Is this a
        design decision, or a purely technical decision that will get
        resolved in the (hopefully) near future?


        -- Sébastien

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