Re: Why are there no desktop icons with Wayland?

Hi Franz,

They are indeed missing in Wayland, even when forcing the setting with Gnome Tweak Tool -- does it work for you? I'm on Ubuntu Gnome 17.04. Out of curiosity, what was the rationale behind this design decision? It seems weird to remove something without providing a replacement or alternative.


-- Sébastien

2017-04-18 10:03 GMT-04:00 Franz Dietrich <enaut w googlemail com>:
Hey Sebastien,

to not have any desktop icons per default is a design decision by gnome and has nothing to do with Wayland.

You can bring them back with the extra settings in gnome tweak tools... I have never missed them once I got used to having a clean desktop though.

If they are missing only in Wayland that might be a bug.

Hope that helps.

Am 18. April 2017 15:53:46 MESZ schrieb "Sébastien Pierre" <sebastien pierre gmail com>:
Hi there,

I'm coming back to Gnome following up the announced death of Unity, and had one question that I couldn't find any answer for: why are there no desktop icons in Gnome/Wayland? Is this a design decision, or a purely technical decision that will get resolved in the (hopefully) near future?


-- Sébastien

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