gnome 3.17.91 pauses while logging in.

I need help with this one :)
I installed gnome 3.17.91 (was previously running 3.16.2).
I am running xorg 1.17.2 and nvidia.
Logging in worked smoothly on 3.16.2 but on 3.17.91, I get a pause when
I log in.
I enter my password and press enter and the screen is gray with a mouse
pointer only.
I wait a few minutes and press enter or escape key and the desktop
instantly loads (as if I am blindly dismissing some warning).

I tried a testuser. same issue.

I looked at ~/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.log.0 (or some similar name) and
the timing of when Xorg started is when I pressed the escape key and
not when I entered my password.

Something is pausing logging in.

I downgraded to gdm 3.16 but it did not fix my issue so I reupgraded to
gdm 3.17.91.

Any ideas?

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