Re: How does one install software in Gnome Shell

On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 9:59 PM, Ademeion Ademo <ademeion gmail com> wrote:
> When I'm trying a new distribution or desktop environment, I like to get at
> least a little familiar with the native tools that come with the system. I
> may end up using my old favourites, but I may also find a new one. I'm a
> little surprised, if Gnome Shell doesn't have a graphical tool of it's own
> to install software, but I'm even more surprised, if Ubuntu Gnome Remix
> comes with no graphical software installer at all. That's why I asked my
> question here; I thought that I just wasn't able to find the native tool.

I'm not aware of DE-native tools for software/package installation.
Can you give an example on other DEs?

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