Dconf database corrupted?


I use Fedora 17 and gnome-shell 3.4.2. Today I noticed that login takes
too long - about 30 to 40 seconds. I don't know when it started, because
I usually just lock my screen and don't log out.

So I started debugging. First I created a new user - log in time was
fine. Then I suspected that there must be something about my settings,
so I went to .config dir and renamed dconf dir to dconf.bak, logged out
and (suprise) my log in time was about 2-3 seconds as it is supposed to

Therefore I think that .config/dconf/user binary file is somehow
corrupted. I know I can just delete it and start to configure my desktop
From zero, but since I've done a lot of customizations - bookmarks,
window management, shortcut keys for programs, etc - I really don't want
to start from scratch.

Is there a way to repair that file, or remove bogus entries?


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