Re: One very unhappy Linux user

On 28/11/11 09:48, Olav Vitters wrote:
On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 09:29:15AM +0000, AG wrote:
That is hardly the point, is it?  The point is that users of
GNU/Linux want to use an OS that allows them choice and
reconfigurability, etc., and not to have chase the whims of
I'm a use Linux and GNOME and I'm perfectly happy with GNOME 3.

Well, good for you. I use GNU/Linux and Gnome and am not happy with Gnome3 but *am* perfectly happy with Gnome2. And your point is ... ?
Perhaps the developers can fork the projects and call Gnome3
something else, like Gnome Tablet or some such, and continue to
offer and support Gnome2 and make it a great DE in terms of removing
extant bugs, and memory leaks, etc.
Most is available under the GPL and LGPL. Feel free to find other

Pls clarify what this is supposed to mean?

Find it somewhat impolite that although GNOME is provided for
free (libre+price), you still dare to say how the developers should
spend their time.

This is rich: developers - described by Stallman, Raymond, et al., as hackers who do it for the love of developing the code, the kudos of making it work and the pleasure of sticking it to the corporations in favor of coming up with decent, transparent and user-readable code - now get pissed at users who don't like what they do and resort to saying that "it's free - therefore use what we give you or piss off".

Great attitude there, Olav. If you are a developer, perhaps you'd be best off working for a corporation like MS who get paid to *not* listen to their user base

Furthermore, tablet? GNOME 3 is hardly usable on a tablet.

And yet the Gnome3 interface has been designed with tablet users in mind.

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