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I have been using gnome shell since the first release on fedora 15. I am already adapted to almost all changes, but I think some points need more atention.

The number of mouse clicks, mouse gestures and keyboard key presses were increased in almost every simple action, like launch an application, opening the home folder, and change between multiple open windows.

I think the the main drawbacks in relation to gnome 2 are the lack of configurabilty in the system settings and the lack of agility on application switch, the applications overview is not the best way to switch among applications, it is nice to have an overview, but I do not need an overview every time I switch between applications.

Many people need to work with several applications at the same time, the assumption that the user will be using only one application at same time is too restrictive.

  Vinicius Uriel

On 11 November 2011 03:15, Jan Mussche <jan mussche gmail com> wrote:

I have joined this mailing list since I feel I have to get in close contact to the people who have taken away all the fun in computing.
After having used Linux with great joy for several years, I am now very disappointed. The new Gnome 3, sorry for my language, stinks.
How can somebody come up with the idea to turn a computer into a smartphone or tablet? What were you thinking?
Gnome 2.32 was flexible, 3.x is not flexible at all. Are you sponsored by Microsoft because it sure looks like it, since Microsoft also tells us how to use a computer.

We are stuck with a top panel nobody wants, because it is useless.
We are stuck with a way of using the computer nobody wants since it is simply madness.

Also you must have seen the many comments of different forums where people complain about the new Gnome and who are starting to use KDE, LXDE and/or XFCE. Is that what you want? Was that the plan, scaring away people? If so then why bother making a new Gnome, you could have better just stopped completely.
Now Linux distributions are trying their best to make the interface look as much as possible to what it used to be but they are hindered by your way of presenting things, without any flexibility at all.

If you want people to keep using Gnome you simply have to change back to what Gnome was. If not you will see a large decrease of people hanging on to it and I can not say it in a different way: this is what you deserve.

One very unhappy Linux user.

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