Re: One very unhappy Linux user

Could it be that Gnome 3 GUI is different than any other GUI that we've
seen and worked with.
When Microsoft sent out Windows vista there were some changes from XP,
but not that big. Win7 was more or less vista and since the layout of
the gui was similar to XP and Vista, adopting to Win7 was a breeze.

Now we are looking at Windows8 pre-releases and as I understand it, the
concept is very different from XP/Vista/Windows 7. So Microsoft could
hit the same wall as Gnome has. 

What I am really saying is this:
Maybe we weren't ready for the new GUI/layout that Gnome3/Unity has
given us. 
I am still on 10.04 LTS (Ubuntu), and so I am still on Gnome2 waiting
for the next LTS to arrive which will either have G3 or Unity GUI. 


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