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I have been using gnome shell since the first release on fedora 15. I am already adapted to almost all changes, but I think some points need more atention.

The number of mouse clicks, mouse gestures and keyboard key presses were increased in almost every simple action, like launch an application, opening the home folder, and change between multiple open windows.

I think the the main drawbacks in relation to gnome 2 are the lack of configurabilty in the system settings and the lack of agility on application switch, the applications overview is not the best way to switch among applications, it is nice to have an overview, but I do not need an overview every time I switch between applications.

Many people need to work with several applications at the same time, the assumption that the user will be using only one application at same time is too restrictive.

  Vinicius Uriel

On 11 November 2011 09:49, Ernest Sales <ersaloz gmail com> wrote:
I see no lack of functionality or productivity with GNOME 3 compared to
GNOME 2. Many things have to be done in a different way, perhaps too
many for anyone who is already busy with his work, but when you get used
to it, the result is efficiency and comfort.

Really miss some pieces, like a place on hand for pending stuff --yes, I
miss my cluttered desktop, but also used to hate it, so hope this could
be approached in less intrusive ways. Also a hyerarchy in the dash and
the applications overview. On the other hand, the inabilty to fine tune
any kind of settings has been almost a trend with GNOME for as long as I
can remember, so nothing new here.

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