Re: Introduction

On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 03:57:50PM +0200, alexander.wilms wrote:
> Instead of making decisions without looking after the actual demands
> of the userbase the Gnome team should - at least in my opinion - be

Development is done by people who are interested in making something
which works for the biggest group of people.

> _open_ with the ultimate goal of providing solutions which are 'made
> of easy'. What do you think of my idea to let users vote for or
> against controversial features?

If something is suboptimal, it should be fixed after analysing how to
best solve the issue.

Voting is a suboptimal solution though.

For one, everyones ideal solution differs. For example: Based on user
feedback, settings in gnome-terminal have been changed back and forth
over the release of several GNOME versions.

Secondly, voting only gives influence to the ones who know about the
vote. Instead it should reflect the intended users accurately.

Lastly, sometimes what seems right might not be the best solution. That
is why there a designers, etc.

Suggest just getting involved with the design team and talk to them.

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