Re: gthumb 2.12 a pain

Thank you for your reply.

On 01/28/2011 01:16 PM, Michael Chudobiak wrote:
Robert Moskowitz<rgm<at>>  writes:
On my Fedora 12 systems I used gthumb 2.10.12 a lot.  Now on Fedora 14 I
have 2.12.1

I don't like the change in the directory tree.  It is harder to go up
and down a tree to see images.
Quite a few people asked for a tree view, including myself. I find it
much easier to navigate a tree than with the old-style combobox. That
won't be changing.

More keystrokes to get down a tree. I am basically lazy.

I don't like the changes in the thumbprint viewer.  Too much
information, and thus fewer thumbprints in the window.
What do you mean? The browser view? Edit>  Preferences>  Browser gives
you control of what is shown in the captions and the thumbnail size, so
you can strip it down as much as you want.

Finally figured it out. I was getting info as well as file name...

Moving images between directories does not seem to work now.  It is only
a copy function.  So you drag the image to the new directory. Switch
over to make sure it made it.  Switch back and delete it.  Truly a pain.
Drag does a copy, shift+drag does a move. That might work better for you.

shift+drag does nothing. Nor does control+drag or shift+control+drag. Only drag works as a copy.

And when I select an image, I get a properties box that eats up half the tree space and I have not figured out how to shut that off, as it eats into showing which directory to drag to!

The old copy/move dialog has been added back into git master, however.
Look for it in whatever comes after the 2.12 series.

That probably means F15 next fall....

Oh, some other things gone:

Picture editing! No more rotate or croping for example. Now it is strictly a viewer. But then other viewers at least support rotating. :(

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