gthumb 2.12 a pain

On my Fedora 12 systems I used gthumb 2.10.12 a lot. Now on Fedora 14 I have 2.12.1

I don't like the change in the directory tree. It is harder to go up and down a tree to see images.

I don't like the changes in the thumbprint viewer. Too much information, and thus fewer thumbprints in the window.

Moving images between directories does not seem to work now. It is only a copy function. So you drag the image to the new directory. Switch over to make sure it made it. Switch back and delete it. Truly a pain.

Full screen view zooming and fitting works better. Plus when you change images, it returns to the default size. So if you zoomed in on one picture to see the grandkid better, the next family shot shows everyone instead of zoomed in on who knows what.

Is there anyway to get the old functionality back?  Moving is the big one...

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