Re: gthumb 2.12 a pain

Robert Moskowitz <rgm <at>> writes:
> On my Fedora 12 systems I used gthumb 2.10.12 a lot.  Now on Fedora 14 I 
> have 2.12.1
> I don't like the change in the directory tree.  It is harder to go up 
> and down a tree to see images.

Quite a few people asked for a tree view, including myself. I find it 
much easier to navigate a tree than with the old-style combobox. That
won't be changing.

> I don't like the changes in the thumbprint viewer.  Too much 
> information, and thus fewer thumbprints in the window.

What do you mean? The browser view? Edit > Preferences > Browser gives
you control of what is shown in the captions and the thumbnail size, so
you can strip it down as much as you want.

> Moving images between directories does not seem to work now.  It is only 
> a copy function.  So you drag the image to the new directory. Switch 
> over to make sure it made it.  Switch back and delete it.  Truly a pain.

Drag does a copy, shift+drag does a move. That might work better for you.

The old copy/move dialog has been added back into git master, however.
Look for it in whatever comes after the 2.12 series.

- Mike

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