Re: Very disappointed in Gnome 3

GNOME 3 should work with any graphics card
released in the last 5 years.

My only experience is with Gnome 3 on Fedora 15. My graphics card is a Radeon 4670. When I first installed Fedora 15, it was random whether the Gnome 3 screen would come up readable, or as an unreadable jumble of colors. [If the latter, I would log out and log back in again. Eventually a readable Gnome 3 screen would be presented.]

I tried installing the proprietary ATI drivers -- the result with Gnome 3 was a multi-stripe top bar. Plus the icon thumbnails within the Gnome 3 launch screen got shown as a jumble of colors.

So I un-installed the proprietary drivers. And behold - Gnome 3 is now being rendered correctly. There is no xorg.conf file; System info shows the driver as Gallium 0.4

My point : I had to run around in circles to get Gnome 3 to work "correctly" in my system.


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