Re: remove interface tab (please don't)

On 25/02/10 02:42, Shaun McCance wrote:

These two screenshots convey the exact same amount of information
to me and the other 10% of males in the world who are color-blind.

another one who thinks that all colour blindness means you can't see colours lol, (in fact most of those who can't percieve colours at all have visual agnosia not colour blindness, but that's another thing) and their is nowhere near 10% of the males in the world who have visual agnosia, there are approx 10% of males who are colour blind but colour blindness means you struggle to tell the difference between different hues of certain colours (like red and green or blue and yellow) not that you see the world in black and white. so those pictures convey totally different information to me as a colour blind male, exactly
the same as they do to a correctly sighted person</ot>

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