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I have already filed a bug with gSTM on sourceforge but it doesn't look
like it's still being developed. Again, this was just one example.

I understand the answer might be "these other apps should do something
else". But the reality of it is, Gnome built up this platform for people
to use. People use it and get used to it. Then a developer decides he
doesn't like something and changes it, breaking all those apps that have
depended on the previous way for so long.

On 02/24/2010 09:42 PM, Shaun McCance wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-02-24 at 20:57 -0500, leftyfb wrote:
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>> Here's another reason why this is a bad idea. What about the 3rd party
>> applications that rely on menu icons that are now turned off by default
>> with no easy way to turn them back on for the average user?
>> My example is a project called Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager (gSTM)
>> The application creates ssh tunnels using an easy interface. It sits in
>> the notification area with easy 1 click(right) access to turn tunnels on
>> and off while showing their running status with a red or green light
>> next to the name of each saved tunnel.
>> This application uses menu icons for it's status icons as well as the
>> Quit button at the bottom and "show gSTM" button at the top.
>> This is a screenshot of the application in use with menu icons:
>> This is a screenshot of the application in use without menu icons:
>> The docked right-click menu is now useless for determining the status of
>> the tunnels.
> These two screenshots convey the exact same amount of information
> to me and the other 10% of males in the world who are color-blind.
> Anyway, the stock answer you'll get for this is that the developers
> should set the always-show-image property if the icon is important:
> I think it's a bit of a bull argument, since developers have had
> no experiences in the past that would make them believe this was
> important.  And most of us don't spend our days crawling through
> API references looking for properties it might be fun to set.
> But that is the answer you'll get.
> And gSTM does need to be fixed.

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