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I need some advise concerning menus.

I use Ubuntu for music production. Linuxaudio uses the principle 'one task, one tool' a lot. That means a lot of small packages with as consequence a list of about 50 (!) entries in the submenu Applications > Sound&Video

That made me think about making submenus like:

                    : Audio editing
                    : Synths
                    : Mixing
                    : Recording
                    : Sound synthesis

Then I need to get the right app (synth1) in the right menu entry (synths).

Installing a not yet installed synth, synth0, should be hit submenu synths also when installing it.

These menus should not be for myself only, but other users on other computers should also be able to get the same menus.

I'm looking forward to your advise and pointers.




Is this the right mailinglist for this kind of questions?

Anyone please?

Thanks in advance.

This is kind of the right list but I think the task is quite hard for somebody not knowing the whole infrastructure. To give you an idea what I'm talking about. To introduce this kind of modifikation you have to change all the packages involved. meaning you have to do some small or even trivial changes to all these packages. This is feasable if you know whom to talk to but without knowing the whole ecosystem I guess this is too much for a start. If you want to change this for your computer only you might want to look ad the desktop files in /usr/share/applications/.
Or you can edit the menu using the graphical editor alacarte.


PS: I never modified any menu so those are all just guesses how that should work. I did not test them. But since you seemed so desperate I thought that might help you ;)

Thanks. I see this entry in most of the audio related desktop files:


I have to edit those files right, to fit a new new menus organization.

How is the hierarchy managed in this?

Would it be possible to have something like:

Thanks in advance,


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