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	 Hello Peer

  I hope  I can help you
>> That made me think about making submenus like:
>> Sound&Video
>>                     : Audio editing
>>                     : Synths
>>                     : Mixing
>>                     : Recording
>>                     : Sound synthesis
 I use Mint so in Ubu its 'similar' kind of ;)
 in my menu I have under  \Einstellungen\ [~preferencies ?] the
 starter \Hauptmenu\ [main menu]
 I think you can reach this faster with [Alt]+[F2]:
  the name is >alacarte<
|       alacarte - edit menus
|       alacarte
|   alacarte is a program that for editing
| complient menus
With that program you organize your menu
THink Ubu use it also
>> Then I need to get the right app (synth1) in the right menu entry 
>> (synths).
 right now no idea - I don't need this
>> These menus should not be for myself only, but other users on other 
>> computers should also be able to get the same menus.
If you need the same menu on different PC' s you have to take a look in
your $HOME directory:

 under $HOME/.config/menus/
but if you need this file you have to play with it a lill' :)
  - change path
  - permissions  so on
 but as allways - first do a backup of you settings/files ;)

hope it helps, perhaps there is an other solution for it so don't
beat me :)
 timhfs gmail com
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