Connecting phones via bluetooth

I have two cell phones that I'm trying to connect via bluetooth. One is
a Motorola EM330, the other is a Nokia 2600. I'm using an IOGear
Bluetooth 2.1 USB Micro Adapter. I have installed what I believe are all
the necessary files. If I run 'Bluetooth' from the Gnome applications
menu both phones show up, one as a Nokia 2600c-2b and the other as a
Motorola Phone. However after that nothing seems to happen. On the
Motorola under Device Details it shows 

Name localhost-0
Type Computer
Access Automatic

The Nokia shows

Paired devices - localhost-0

I see no icon on the desktop for either phone. The Motorola connects
with a mini-USB with no problems but the Nokia has no such feature thus
the reason I'm wanting to get the bluetooth setup going. 

Any advice/help would be appreciated
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