Trying (and failing) to be able to ./configure for gnome-games...

I'm following instructions at website:
and the git pulls down objects and populates the directory
just fine.  But, when I go into the created dir and (try to)
do the
./ --prefix=
as directed, naming an existing work-dir that I created,
it says:
You need to install gnome-common from the GNOME CVS
Ok.  But exactly WHERE (relative to where 'gnome-games'
already got retrieved)?

[If I just let the git for gnome-common create its own
directory to fetch into, then 'gnome-games' doesn't know
that I gitted 'gnome-common' and vice-versa, so that doesn't
gain me anything.]

So, the website instructions are LACKING something...I can't
see how a mere mortal is supposed to be able to get to
a state where the usual './configure' will be possible
(although the README or INSTALL or whatever) file says that
is how one builds it.

Anyone know the magic incantation that seems to be missing?

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