gnome-settings-daemon is hijacking my 'super' key


I use the Enlightenment-0.17 desktop, and start gnome-settings-daemon on logging into E, because without it, gtk2 apps don't look so good at all.

With gnome-2.24.x installed, everything works fine. With gnome-2.26.x, once I start gnome-settings-daemon, it hijacks my SUPER ( windows ) key, so my keybindings don't work ( those that use the SUPER key anyway ). Specifically, no applications 'see' the SUPER key being pressed. For example, I have a keybinding set up in Enlightenment for the SUPER + TAB combination, that triggers the 'ring' application switcher. If I start gnome-settings-daemon, then open a terminal and hit SUPER + TAB, the terminal 'sees' just the TAB key, and asks me if I want to see a list of 4500 or so binaries in my $PATH. Delving deeper, if I go into E17's control panel and record a new key binding, then press SUPER + TAB, it only registers the TAB key being pressed.

How do I prevent gnome-settings-daemon from doing this?



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