Re: fedora 10 live cd

Hi Janina:

Two longish comments...  :-)

1) The optimal situation is that one would not have to go through the silly "enable accessibility" process. Instead, it would be ideal if accessibility were enabled by default. We ain't there yet, though, so one has to go through this awkward process.

2) Orca has a feature that allows you to set it up to start automatically on login. This is available as the "Start Orca when you login" checkbox in the preferences GUI, and we've recently added a "Automatically start orca when you log in?" question to the text based setup. We keep the autostart off by default, however, because people have reported issues with how accessibility has been integrated into some operating system distributions.

Hope this helps,


Janina Sajka wrote:
Hi Will and All:

Let me ask this here before I take this issue to the Fedora Live CD
list, where I'm also subscribed ...

Booting the Fedora Live CD, one can launch orca from an Alt+F2 dialog,
but this is the orca setup that requires gnome restart. My experience
with it is that it talks as one would expect--if it talks, a question of
audio driver support, I suppose.

However, after gnome restarts, the user must again issue Alt+F2 and
restart orca by hand. My experience is that, if the setup process works,
one can successfully run the Fedora Live image with orca. But it seems
unfortunate to have to reissue the Alt+F2 command. Shouldn't orca simply
start on gnome restart? Is this a Fedora bug? Or a GNOME bug?

I'm particularly interested as SpeakupModified.Org is looking at
enhancing the Fedora Live image expressly for Orca mediated Fedora


Willie Walker writes:
Hi Chad:

You might need to press "Return" to make the logout happen. It sounds like what might be happening is that a logout dialog is appearing and it's inaccessible because accessibility has not been enabled for the desktop to happen. Pressing "Return" should activate the "OK" button of this dialog.

When all else fails, you can give the desktop the 3 finger salute: Ctrl+Alt+Backspace. This will kill the X server and take you back to the login screen.


Shaun McCance wrote:
On Wed, 2009-03-04 at 07:05 -0500, chad wrote:
Hi i'm totally blind and i tried the fedora 10 live cd but having
I set up orca and it said accessability for gnome has just been
enabled you need to log out and log in for the change to take effect.
I pressed y for yes and i'm stuck can't log back in.
Where does it bring you and is the password linux on the live cd?
Hi Chad,

You'll probably have better luck asking on gnome-accessibility-list.
I've CC'd that list with your question.

Accessibility folks, please CC Chad on responses.


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