Re: Nautilus UI bug in renaming files

On 3 Jun 2009, at 05:37, Databit Domain wrote:

And the Nautilus window has a bunch of files in it. I control x the filename out of the text window (gedit). In Nautilus I right click, rename and hit
paste (btw love the fact that the .ext isn't auto selected)
If I don't press 'enter' or click away in the same nautilus window but
instead click back to the gedit window (while the filename is still in edit
mode) it reverts my changes. Kind of annoying.
So is this a bug or is it acting like it is supposed to and I should just
get over it?

I can see arguments either way, but personally I'd call it a bug. (OS X, at least, behaves the way you and I think it should in this situation.)

You might like to file it at <>, preferably doing a quick check first to see that nobody else has filed it already.


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