Re: dragging windows across workspaces

On Wed, 2009-06-03 at 11:47 +0200, Franco Marenco wrote:
> Hello,
> This question may seem silly but I hardly try to drag windows across
> workspaces in Gnome but don't get the desired effect. With brightside
> installed I can actually drag a window into another workspace but I
> cannot have the same window across two workspaces at the same time,
> say half in the top workspace and half in the bottom one.
> In my case this is essential as my system is a netbook with a very
> small screen (8.9 inches). Some configuration windows are larger than
> the screen itself (and not resizable to a smaller dimension) so it is
> impossible to see their bottom portion. If I could have the window
> across two workspaces I could access the bottom part. Otherwise I
> will miss forever some options and buttons...
> If anybody could help.

What you're describing is viewports, as opposed to workspaces.
There's a long long history of window managers and viewports
and workspaces.  Some chose one, some chose the other, and
some gave you both.  For Metacity, Gnome's window manager,
workspaces were chosen quite some time ago, and I don't see
that changing.

You could switch to a different window manger that supports
viewports.  Not sure which ones do these days.  Most modern
window managers should be usable in Gnome.

Or you could try moving your window using a modifier key.
Metacity allows you to hold down a modifier key and drag
anywhere on a window to move it.  When you're moving the
window this way, you can move the titlebar off the screen,
allowing you to get to the bottom of those much-too-large

I think the default movement key is Alt.  Check System ->
Window Preferences, under Movement Key.


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