Re: dragging windows across workspaces

Thanks, the Alt tip helped me fine!!

> What you're describing is viewports, as opposed to workspaces.
> There's a long long history of window managers and viewports
> and workspaces.  Some chose one, some chose the other, and
> some gave you both.  For Metacity, Gnome's window manager,
> workspaces were chosen quite some time ago, and I don't see
> that changing.
> You could switch to a different window manger that supports
> viewports.  Not sure which ones do these days.  Most modern
> window managers should be usable in Gnome.
> Or you could try moving your window using a modifier key.
> Metacity allows you to hold down a modifier key and drag
> anywhere on a window to move it.  When you're moving the
> window this way, you can move the titlebar off the screen,
> allowing you to get to the bottom of those much-too-large
> dialogs.
> I think the default movement key is Alt.  Check System ->
> Window Preferences, under Movement Key.
> --
> Shaun

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