RE: Gnome startup scripts?

 I ran into a related issue where gconf files were corrupted (unclean
shutdown), if you look in the add/remove software under the keyword gconf,
you'll find a package called gconf-cleaner, I dont think its a total
solution but did correct several problems I created with file corruption.
Also, I ran into several issues where the permissions for user and/or
selinux wouldnt allow session saves/restores, so you may want to chown -R JK
/home/JK (syntax probably wrong as well as user, but you get the idea.)
good luck

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Subject: Gnome startup scripts?

I am working on Ubuntu 8.0.4; 64 bit version
Gnome version 2.22.1
The system froze on shutdown once and since then when I boot the, Gnome
desktop fails to
display the panel as I have it set up. When I log into failsafe Gnome
session, all appears
to work as it should. The issue seems to be with a startup script or
startup scripts. Can
anyone tell me where these scripts are located, or should be located?
This problem does not occur with other users on this system.

Thank you in advance

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