Re: Gnome startup scripts?

On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 8:28 PM, jeffry killen <jekillen prodigy net> wrote:
> I am working on Ubuntu 8.0.4; 64 bit version
> Gnome version 2.22.1
> The system froze on shutdown once and since then when I boot the, Gnome
> desktop fails to
> display the panel as I have it set up. When I log into failsafe Gnome
> session, all appears
> to work as it should. The issue seems to be with a startup script or startup
> scripts. Can
> anyone tell me where these scripts are located, or should be located?
> This problem does not occur with other users on this system.
> Thank you in advance
> JK

Hi Jeffry,
Are you running a separate /home partition? Also, what file-system are
you running?

It sounds as if you might have experienced some file-system
corruption, rather than having an issue with the GNOME scripts. Have
you posted this question to any Ubuntu specific mailing lists and/or
web forums?

Another "test" would be to create a new user and see if that new user
logs in correctly w/o having to do a failsafe session.


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