Want to use hot keys using [Win] key and the like

Hello. My handle is Arrus.

In Debian 4.0 (etch) with Gnome and Metacity, I want to be able to use
it with hot key as follows.

[Win] 		     The indication of the Gnome menu
[Ctrl] +[Esc] 	     The indication of the Gnome menu
[Win] +[D] 	     Desktop indication / return it to the origin
[Win] +[M] 	     All windows minimization (not restored even if I
		     push it once again)
[Win] +[M]+[Shift]   Return all windows minimization
[Win] +[U] 	     The indication of the shut down dialogue
[Win] +[Tab] 	     The right movement of the item choice in the task
[Win] +[Tab]+[Shift] The left movement of the item choice in the task

However, I do not understand a setting method (commands). In addition,
the existing hot key wants to be just usable, too.

In addition, there is much number of hot key that they want to set, and
12 are not enough.

In addition, I tamper with /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/
subordinates of gconf directly because hot key setting tool is not
installed with Debian 4.0 (by default).

I posted similar 3 Japanese and English mailing lists and Japanese
bulletin board, but the reply was received so far.

dreamrail_arrus yahoo co jp
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