Re: One more comment (and apology)

On Fri, 2008-02-15 at 14:02 -0800, Clark Dunson wrote:
> 1) After using sethostname, GNOME will not start a new terminal.

This is most likely an /etc/hosts issue with the new name.

> 2) eth0 loses IP when booted beside a machine with same hostname.

I believe it never gets a name because of DHCP server brokenness -- from
what you've described.

> 3) GUI dialog appears stating "You are not allowed to access the  
> system configuration"

What steps lead to this dialog box?  Is the account you are logged into
allowed to perform sysadmin tasks?

> 1) & 3) appear to be GUI/GNOME related.  Brian is right about #2.

I dare say, #1 is not Gnome related but basic system admin related (and
Gnome will be happy when you fix that -- not Gnome's fault), and #3 is
likely to be an issue of syadmin again, where the user trying to perform
whatever tasks are emitting the errors is not allowed to do such things.

> Again my apologies, and please don't blame Clark.  He is going
> to kill me when he realizes that I used his machine to get justly
> flamed.
> Marco.

LOL.  Nice try Clark.  ;-)


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