Argh Marco!! :o (from Clark)


I told Marco he could use my machine for internet access in a pinch, since he can't get his network up. (It's not just our client machines that have us locked out.) I had no idea that he'd get in this much trouble!

Using my personal email to join a mailing list since our company doesn't allow us to join mailing lists with the office accounts ...
That's a bit much, love.

They are really stressed as they have a bunch of machines lined up to ship, but the network cannot be started on half of them and there is this dialog box "You are not allowed to access the system configuration." problem. I told him to get his own gmail account and sent him home. (He's been in since yesterday morning, and had to cancel his Valentine's date because of this problem, no wonder he's a mess.)

Well, at least it's Friday.

Sorry about the incident.

Clark Dunson
clarkman earthlink net

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