Re: Modifying custom cursors.

Thanks for your reply. I got it working like this (it's really easy):

I found the theme info in /usr/share/icons (and /usr/share/themes) but
on my system the cursors are "xcursors" and are found in
/usr/share/cursors/xorg-x11. I don't know if x cursors are different
than Gnome's regular themes or what but that's where they are.

1) cp -rv redglass redglass-custom

2) Fortunately the cursors are all different files so you can just
copy / rename / delete / move / etc. to your heart's desire. In
redglass the weird horizontal arrow is "hand2" and the normal cursor
is "left_ptr". So:

shred -uvn 500 hand2
cp left_ptr hand2

The "shred" command is only necessary if you want to teach the ugly
old cursor a lesson it will never forget. If vengeance on file system
objects isn't your style you can leave the one out.

I didn't know which files were which (maybe the names are standard, I
don't know) and didn't know what program could view them (eog didn't
work) so I wrote one >.> . I've attached it. It requires glut
(sorry... not an X programmer). Maybe the attachment won't get
stripped, otherwise Xcursor technical info can be found here: (or just feel free to
email me and I'll send it to you). It's very straightforward.


On Feb 11, 2008 2:34 AM, Magnus Therning <magnus therning org> wrote:
> Jason Cipriani wrote:
> > Hello... I am using the "Red Glass" custom cursor theme, but I don't
> > like the horizontal arrow that appears when I mouse over things like
> > hyperlinks in web pages. Is there an easy way to replace the
> > horizontal cursor with the normal arrow? A cursor image file somewhere
> > that I can copy?
> >
> > I am using Gnome 2.20.3 on Gentoo.
> > Thanks! :)
> I think you'll have to copy the full theme and then modify the
> individual cursor.  On my (Debian) system cursor themes are located in
> /usr/share/icons.  I can create a personal copy by copying it to
> ~/.icons.  I'm sure that information about the format of the files in
> there is available somewhere on the Gnome web pages.
> /M
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