Re: Saving Workspace

On 4/6/08, Andrea Vettorello <andrea vettorello gmail com> wrote:
> I don't have an opinion in the matter, but I don't use Metacity and
>  the last time I've tried I could track the windows positions between
>  sessions, but it's a feature that I don't use.

So what do you use and can it save window state?

>  The only application I've in my session is GKrellM and it manages the
>  position itself... ^__^;

The problem has to do with multiple instances of the same program. So
one xterm works fine. Gnome-terminal is actually a single instance
with just multiple windows so that's probably why it works with
multiple terminal windows.

Is there any scripting control over where Windows are positioned?
Meaning, can I create a script file that I just run from the
commandline once when I login such that I can start an xterm and then
tell metacity to position it's window (idenfied by pid I suppose) on a
particular desktop at a particular position?


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