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Bjørge Solli wrote:
> Robert Moonen wrote:
>> Bjørge Solli wrote:
>>> System: Fedora 7 x86, Gnome 2.18.3.
>>> Please let me know if this Q is more suited for a fedora list.
>>> when opening the attached ASCII-file, prod.mod, nautilus complains:
>>> ---
>>> The filename "prod.mod" indicates that this file is of type "Amiga
>>> SoundTracker audio". The contents of the file indicate that the file
>>> is of type "plain text document". If you open this file, the file
>>> might present a security risk to your system.
>>> Do not open the file unless you created the file yourself, or
>>> received the file from a trusted source. To open the file, rename the
>>> file to the correct extension for "plain text document", then open
>>> the file normally. Alternatively, use the Open With menu to choose a
>>> specific application for the file.
>>> ---
>>> Even if I use Properties, Open with, and selects a text editor as
>>> default it still won't open if I double click it.
>>> Any ideas?
>> Don't open it, save it to disk, execute the mv command, as so:
>> bjørge machine-name:~$ mv prod.mod prod.txt
>> or so then open it with your favourite text editor.
> that sounds like a strange way to solve it since .mod is the correct
> suffix for this type of ASCII-file. Why can it not open it if it ends in
> .mod when I want it to do that? I do understand what the text says, but
> I know opening this file is not a security risk. This "security measure"
> seems very dumb and I would like to remove it.

Because .mod is by definition and historically an amiga mod file, which
is a kind of music file.
If you really want to you can break with tradition and change your
preferences to indicate to Gnome that it should open *all* ,mod files
with a text editor, that is entirely your choice.


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