ImportError: No module named gtk

bash-3.1# 0launch -g
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/zeroinstall/0launch-gui/0launch-gui", line 47, in <module>
    import gui
  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/zeroinstall/0launch-gui/", line 1, in <module>
    import gtk, os, gobject, sys
ImportError: No module named gtk

Above is what happens when I attempt to test if 0launch works.  I am on a standard slackware 12 install on a reiserfs file system using fluxbox.  I did install the latest version of pygobject, pygtk, python.  I receive this error on a couple of things, but I need 0launch to run properly.

If this helps here is pkg-config --list-all

bash-3.1# pkg-config --list-all
blkid                       blkid - Block device id library
xf86rushproto               XF86RushProto - XF86Rush extension headers
taglib                      TagLib - Audio meta-data library
fontsproto                  FontsProto - Fonts extension headers
libdecoration               libdecoration - Window decoration library
com_err                     com_err - Common error description library
xext                        Xext - Misc X Extension Library
scrnsaverproto              ScrnSaverProto - ScrnSaver extension headers
glib-2.0                    GLib - C Utility Library
dmx                         dmx - The dmx Library
xfont                       Xfont - X font Library
gthread                     GThread - Thread support for GLib
xres                        XRes - X Resource Information Extension Library
xvmc                        XvMC - The XvMC Library
qt-mt                       Qt - Library
pangoft2                    Pango FT2 - Freetype 2.0 font support for Pango
imlib                       Imlib - An image loading and rendering library for X11R6
libxfcegui4-1.0             libxfcegui4 - libxfcegui4
libexif                     libexif - Library for easy access to EXIF data
openssl                     OpenSSL - Secure Sockets Layer and cryptography libraries and tools
gmodule-2.0                 GModule - Dynamic module loader for GLib
audacious                   Audacious - Audacious is a versatile and handy multi platform media player
libgcj                      libgcj - libgcj
gimpui-2.0                  GIMP UI - GIMP User Interface Library
libidn                      Libidn - IETF stringprep, nameprep, punycode, IDNA text processing.
gmodule-export-2.0          GModule - Dynamic module loader for GLib
gtk+-2.0                    GTK+ - GIMP Tool Kit (x11 target)
libxfce4mcs-manager-1.0     libxfce4mcs-manager - libxfce4mcs-manager
libwpd-0.8                  libwpd-0.8 - A library for reading and writing Corel WordPerfect(tm) documents
x11                         X11 - X Library
uuid                        uuid - Universally unique id library
gnutls                      GnuTLS - Transport Security Layer implementation for the GNU system
poppler                     poppler - PDF rendering library
xscrnsaver                  XScrnSaver - The XScrnSaver Library
xextproto                   XExtProto - XExt extension headers
xcb-xv                      XCB Xv - XCB Xv Extension
xcb-composite               XCB Composite - XCB Composite Extension
ao                          ao - ao is a cross-platform audio output library
gimp-2.0                    GIMP - GIMP Library
Wand                        Wand - MagickWand - C API for ImageMagick
librsvg-2.0                 librsvg - library that renders svg files
gobject-2.0                 GObject - GLib Type, Object, Parameter and Signal Library
evieproto                   EvIEExt - EvIE extension headers
libxine                     libxine - The xine engine library
libgsf-1                    libgsf-1 - A library for reading and writing structured files (eg MS OLE and Zip)
glproto                     GLProto - GL extension headers
xcomposite                  Xcomposite - X Composite  Library
libxfce4util-1.0            libxfce4util - Utility library for the Xfce 4 desktop environment
fontconfig                  Fontconfig - Font configuration and customization library
xineramaproto               XineramaProto - Xinerama extension headers
xtrans                      XTrans - Abstract network code for X
ImageMagick                 ImageMagick - ImageMagick - Convert, Edit, and Compose Images
xf86bigfontproto            XF86BigFontProto - XF86BigFont extension headers
gdk-pixbuf-xlib-2.0         GdkPixbuf Xlib - GdkPixbuf rendering for Xlib
dbus-glib-1                 dbus-glib - GLib integration for the free desktop message bus
dmxproto                    DMXProto - DMX extension headers
gtk-doc                     gtk-doc - API documentation generator
gimpthumb-2.0               GIMP Thumb - GIMP Thumbnail Library
xcb-randr                   XCB RandR - XCB RandR Extension
xfce4-session-1.0           xfce4-session - Xfce 4 session manager
libpng                      libpng - Loads and saves PNG files
freetype2                   FreeType 2 - A free, high-quality, and portable font engine.
imlibgdk                    ImlibGdk - GDK support libraries for Imlib
purple                      libpurple - libpurple is a GLib-based instant messenger library.
x11-xcb                     X11 XCB - X Library XCB interface
xcb-xtest                   XCB XTEST - XCB XTEST Extension
caca                        caca - Colour ASCII-Art library
gtk+-unix-print-2.0         GTK+ - GIMP Tool Kit Unix print support
xcb-xprint                  XCB Xprint - XCB Xprint Extension
resourceproto               ResourceProto - Resource extension headers
gtk+-x11-2.0                GTK+ - GIMP Tool Kit (x11 target)
hal                         hal - Free desktop hardware abstraction layer
libdrm                      libdrm - Userspace interface to kernel DRM services
theora                      theora - Theora video codec
gamin                       gamin - The gamin file monitoring system.
libgpod-1.0                 libgpod - A library to manipulate songs and playlists stored on an ipod
pangocairo                  Pango Cairo - Cairo rendering support for Pango
glib                        GLib - C Utility Library
WINGs                       WINGs - Small widget set with the NeXTStep(TM) look and feel
xcb-xvmc                    XCB XvMC - XCB XvMC Extension
trapproto                   TrapProto - Trap extension headers
pangox                      Pango X - X Window System font support for Pango
xcmiscproto                 XCMiscProto - XCMisc extension headers
xcb-xfixes                  XCB XFixes - XCB XFixes Extension
system-tools-backends       gst-backends - GNOME System Tools backends
renderproto                 RenderProto - Render extension headers
seamonkey-plugin            Mozilla Plug-In API - Mozilla Plug-In API
cairo                       cairo - Multi-platform 2D graphics library
xcb-xinerama                XCB Xinerama - XCB Xinerama Extension
libxfce4mcs-client-1.0      libxfce4mcs-client - libxfce4mcs-client
pthread-stubs               pthread stubs - Stubs missing from libc for standard pthread functions
bluez                       BlueZ - Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux
xrandr                      Xrandr - X RandR Library
vorbis                      vorbis - vorbis is the primary Ogg Vorbis library
xfixes                      Xfixes - X Fixes  Library
xcb-sync                    XCB Sync - XCB Sync Extension
poppler-glib                poppler-glib - GLib wrapper for poppler
xorg-server                 xorg-server - Modular X.Org X Server
thunar-vfs-1                thunar-vfs - ThunarVFS library
xcb-res                     XCB Res - XCB X-Resource Extension
vte                         vte - Vte terminal widget.
seamonkey-gtkmozembed       Mozilla Gtk Embedding Widget - Mozilla Embedding Widget for Gtk+
libxml-2.0                  libXML - libXML library version2.
hal-storage                 hal-storage - hal library for storage devices and volumes
xf86driproto                XF86DRIProto - XF86DRI extension headers
libpcre                     libpcre - PCRE - Perl compatible regular expressions C library
gmodule                     GModule - Dynamic module loader for GLib
gnome-icon-theme            gnome-icon-theme - A collection of icons used as the basis for GNOME themes
cairo-xlib                  cairo-xlib - Xlib backend for cairo graphics library
videoproto                  VideoProto - Video extension headers
libxfce4panel-1.0           libxfce4panel - Library for the Xfce Panel
shared-mime-info            shared-mime-info - Freedesktop common MIME database
xrender                     Xrender - X Render Library
libcrypto                   OpenSSL-libcrypto - OpenSSL cryptography library
xpm                         Xpm - X Pixmap Library
xcb-xf86dri                 XCB XFree86-DRI - XCB XFree86-DRI Extension
xi                          Xi - X Input Extension Library
xf86dgaproto                XF86DGAProto - XF86DGA extension headers
libexslt                    libexslt - EXSLT Extension library
gdk-pixbuf-2.0              GdkPixbuf - Image loading and scaling
xcb-record                  XCB Record - XCB Record Extension
xkbui                       xkbui - The xkbui Library
xprintapputil               XprintAppUtil - The XprintAppUtil Library
ice                         ICE - X Inter Client Exchange Library
xevie                       Xevie - X Event Interceptor Library
vorbisfile                  vorbisfile - vorbisfile is a library that provides a convenient high-level API for decoding and basic manipulation of all Vorbis I audio streams
xbitmaps                    X bitmaps - Bitmaps that are shared between X applications
gtk+                        GTK+ - GIMP Tool Kit
openobex                    OpenOBEX - Free implementation of the Object Exchange protocol
xtst                        Xtst - The Xtst Library
xp                          Xp - X Print Library
libmcs                      libmcs - Simple, abstractable configuration library.
gnutls-extra                GnuTLS-extra - Additional add-ons for GnuTLS licensed under GPL
damageproto                 DamageProto - Damage extension headers
xf86miscproto               XF86MiscProto - XF86Misc extension headers
fontcacheproto              FontcacheProto - Fontcache extension headers
cairo-png                   cairo-png - PNG backend for cairo graphics library
bigreqsproto                BigReqsProto - BigReqs extension headers
libvisual-0.4               libvisual - an audio visualisation abstraction library.
libpcrecpp                  libpcrecpp - PCRECPP - C++ wrapper for PCRE
libglade-2.0                Libglade - a library for dynamically loading GLADE interface files
seamonkey-xpcom             XPCOM - The Mozilla Cross Platform Component Library
xt                          Xt - X Toolkit Library
pygobject-2.0               PyGObject - Python bindings for GObject
sm                          SM - X Session Management Library
xv                          Xv - The Xv Library
gkrellm                     GKrellM - Extensible GTK system monitoring application
fribidi                     FriBidi - Unicode BiDirectional algorithm library
xproxymngproto              XProxyManagementProtocol - X Proxy Management Protocol headers
seamonkey-nspr              NSPR - The Netscape Portable Runtime
ss                          ss - Subsystem command parsing library
xcb-xlib                    XCB Xlib - XCB Xlib support functions
xxf86vm                     Xxf86vm - XFree86 Video Mode Extension Library
poppler-cairo               poppler-cairo - Cairo backend for Poppler PDF rendering library
recordproto                 RecordProto - Record extension headers
alsa                        alsa - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - Library
xdmcp                       Xdmcp - X Display Manager Control Protocol library
xft                         Xft - X FreeType library
atk                         Atk - Accessibility Toolkit
libcurl                     libcurl - Library to transfer files with ftp, http, etc.
neon                        neon - HTTP/WebDAV client library
gdk-x11-2.0                 GDK - GIMP Drawing Kit (x11 target)
gdlib                       gd-devel - A graphics library for quick creation of PNG or JPEG images
libgtkhtml-2.0              libgtkhtml - libgtkhtml
libusb                      libusb - USB access library
cairo-pdf                   cairo-pdf - PDF backend for cairo graphics library
oldx                        oldX - The oldX Library
fontenc                     fontenc - The fontenc Library
xcb-proto                   XCB Proto - X protocol descriptions for XCB
xmuu                        Xmuu - Mini Xmu Library
libnjb                      libnjb - libnjb is a library for accessing Creative Labs Nomad Jukeboxes
esound                      esound - esound
pidgin                      Pidgin - Pidgin is a GTK2-based instant messenger application.
ogg                         ogg - ogg is a library for manipulating ogg bitstreams
xau                         Xau - X authorization file management libary
xinerama                    Xinerama - The Xinerama Library
gthread-2.0                 GThread - Thread support for GLib
dbus-1                      dbus - Free desktop message bus
e2p                         e2p - Ext2fs userpace programs utility library
xxf86misc                   Xxf86misc - XFree86 Misc Extension Library
libmusicbrainz              libmusicbrainz - The Musicbrainz Client Library.
xfce-mcs-manager            xfce-mcs-manager - xfce-mcs-manager
lbxutil                     lbxutil - LBX Utilities
gmime-2.0                   GMime - MIME parser and utility library
exo-hal-0.3                 exo-hal - HAL support library for exo
xcb-render                  XCB Render - XCB Render Extension
libwpd-stream-0.8           libwpd-stream-0.8 - GSFStream support for libwpd, a library for reading and writing Corel WordPerfect(tm) documents
sdl                         sdl - Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer.
xcb-dpms                    XCB DPMS - XCB DPMS Extension
xfontcache                  Xfontcache - The Xfontcache Library
libvolume_id                libvolume_id - Filesystem label and uuid access
libart-2.0                   libart - LGPL version of the libart library
thunarx-1                   thunarx - A library to create Thunar extensions
fontutil                    FontUtil - Font utilities dirs
poppler-splash              poppler-splash - Splash backend for Poppler PDF rendering library
xdamage                     Xdamage - X Damage  Library
wrlib                       wrlib - Image manipulation and conversion library
libmtp                      libmtp - libmtp is a library for accessing Media Transfer Protocol devices
pilot-link                  Pilot Link - Suite of tools to communicate with a Palm handheld over various interfaces
cairo-ps                    cairo-ps - PostScript backend for cairo graphics library
cairo-svg                   cairo-svg - SVG backend for cairo graphics library
xfprint-1.0                 xfprint - Xfce4 Printing System library
libstartup-notification-1.0 libstartup-notification - Startup notification library
xxf86dga                    Xxf86dga - XFree86 Direct Graphics Access Extension Library
gmodule-no-export-2.0       GModule - Dynamic module loader for GLib
xproto                      Xproto - Xproto headers
pango                       Pango - Internationalized text handling
xcursor                     Xcursor - X Cursor Library
compositeproto              CompositeProto - Composite extension headers
seamonkey-js                _javascript_ - The Mozilla _javascript_ Library
compiz                      compiz - OpenGL compositing manager
vorbisenc                   vorbisenc - vorbisenc is a library that provides a convenient API for setting up an encoding environment using libvorbis
cairo-xlib-xrender          cairo-xlib_xrender - Xlib Xrender backend for cairo graphics library
randrproto                  RandrProto - Randr extension headers
gucharmap                   gucharmap - GTK+ Unicode Character Map
xcb-shm                     XCB Shm - XCB Shm Extension
xf86vidmodeproto            XF86VidModeProto - XF86VidMode extension headers
exo-0.3                     exo - Extension library for Xfce
inputproto                  InputProto - Input extension headers
libxslt                     libxslt - XSLT library version 2.
cairo-ft                    cairo-ft - FreeType font backend for cairo graphics library
cucul                       cucul - Canvas for ultrafast compositing of Unicode letters
apr-1                       APR - The Apache Portable Runtime library
printproto                  PrintProto - Print extension headers
fixesproto                  FixesProto - Fixes extension headers
xaw6                        Xaw - X Athena Widgets Library, version 6
xaw7                        Xaw - X Athena Widgets Library, version 7
wmlib                       wmlib - FIXME: What do I write here?
libssl                      OpenSSL - Secure Sockets Layer and cryptography libraries
pygtk-2.0                   PyGTK - Python bindings for GTK+ and related libraries
xcb-glx                     XCB GLX - XCB GLX Extension
apr-util-1                  APR Utils - Companion library for APR
xaw8                        Xaw - X Athena Widgets Library
seamonkey-nss               NSS - Mozilla Network Security Services
ext2fs                      ext2fs - Ext2fs library
gnt                         LibGNT - Glib Ncurses Toolkit is a collection of curses-widgets.
libfs                       libFS - Library Interface to the X Font Server
xcb-shape                   XCB Shape - XCB Shape Extension
ijs                         ijs - IJS (InkJet Server) Raster Image Transport Protocol
xcb                         XCB - X-protocol C Binding
pangoxft                    Pango Xft - Xft font support for Pango
poppler-qt                  poppler-qt - Qt bindings for poppler
libIDL-2.0                  libIDL - IDL parsing library
xfce4-icon-theme-1.0        xfce4-icon-theme - A collection of icons used as the basis for Xfce4 themes
lcms                        lcms - LCMS Color Management Library
gdk                         GDK - GIMP Drawing Kit
xmu                         Xmu - Xmu Library
libpng12                    libpng - Loads and saves PNG files
xcb-screensaver             XCB Screensaver - XCB Screensaver Extension
gdk-2.0                     GDK - GIMP Drawing Kit (x11 target)
xcb-damage                  XCB Damage - XCB Damage Extension
xcb-xevie                   XCB Xevie - XCB Xevie Extension
kbproto                     KBProto - KB extension headers
xtrap                       XTrap - X Trap Library
audiofile                   audiofile - audiofile
xkbfile                     xkbfile - The xkbfile Library
xprintutil                  XprintUtil - The XprintUtil Library
ImageMagick++               ImageMagick++ - Magick++ - C++ API for ImageMagick

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