Make Super key send Control to the terminal

I would like to be able to have the Super key be sent as Control to
the terminal. However, I do not want this to be application-wide. For
instance, when I hit Super-C it should send Control-C to the terminal,
however Control-C should work as expected (e.g. if the keybindings are
set correctly it should perform a copy). I am not afraid of C code and
I have been reading through the source to gnome-terminal and libvte
trying to figure out where to make this change.

My reasoning for this is that combined with using xmodmap it should
cause the terminal to behave similary to Terminal on OS X. It is quite
useful to be able to use the same copy/paste shortucts in
as everywhere else in OS X.

I have been looking through libvte and thus far I haven't found a good
way to do this. keysyms.c seems promising, but at the top of the file
it has a warning not to edit it. IT does seem like if I swapped the
definitions for Control_L and Super_L here it would have the desired
effect, but I'm not sure. Running a patched version of gnome-terminal
(and/or libvte) would be fine by me, so long as I can get this
functionality working.



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