Copious calls to stat64 /etc/localtime slowdown Gnome applications

I noticed that some core desktop applications (e.g. eog, gedit and
others like gthumb) are calling stat64 on /etc/localtime 6150 times on
shutdown. I couldn't dig any information on what causes that call, so I
don't know where to start looking. Apparently it doesn't affect
non-Gnome GTK+ apps such as Gimp, qalculate or Synaptic.

Something interesting is that running eog with no arguments and the
quitting the application will yield the 6150 calls. However, passing one
or more images on the command line adds 6150 for each image that ends up
being opened. In other words, if you pass 4 images but only open one,
you get 12300 calls. If you open 3, you get 24600. Same for gedit, only
that it always opens all passed files.

It doesn't need mentioning that this really slows downs said
applications. I actually perceived the slow down and that's what led me
to trace the application.

Anyone interested in helping me diagnose this? I'm using
Debian/unstable's own idea of Gnome 2.20.x.

Javier Kohen <jkohen users sourceforge net>
ICQ: blashyrkh #2361802
Jabber: jkohen jabber org

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