Re: terminal disappears

On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 11:34 +0100, Stefano Sabatini wrote:
> On date Friday 2007-11-09 08:51:22 -0500, Lowell Thomas gnomed:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I'm an experienced C/C++ developer with a little UNIX experience years ago,
> > but a complete newbie to Linux and GNOME. I just installed Debian 4.0r1 with
> > gnome 2.14.3 and I'm having trouble with the terminal. Problem one, is that
> > it does not seem to run the .bash_profile script at start up. Problem two,
> > is that I shot myself in the foot experimenting with fixing it. I modified
> > some parameters in the terminal profile (I don't remember which, but I
> > modified some check boxes) and now it just flashes on and immediately exits
> > before I can undo my changes. I can get a root terminal, but not my user
> > terminal. Any help would be appreciated.
> Hi, 
> I think you messed up with the configuration of the terminal, since
> it's wrong it nicely crash without to say nothing (one of the nicest
> things of the GUI), since the user is supposed to know nothing.
> You coud try to individuate the exact conf files for the terminal
> you're using (gnome-terminal I suppose), check in some directory like
> ~/.gnome or ~/.gnome2 or maybe ~/.config, maybe someone in this list
> can help, then delete them and the application should restore its
> default setting on the next start.

All of gnome-terminal's settings should be stored in
GConf.  You can quickly wipe your terminal settings
by running the following in an xterm or the console:

gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/gnome-terminal


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