Re: workspace switcher - how to get simple cursor?

On date Monday 2007-05-28 13:46:47 -0400, Jim Hartley gnomed:
> I think the problem here is the window manager. I found this a nuisance 
> when I upgraded to Fedora Core 6 from a VERY OLD system (RedHat 7.0 and 
> Gnome 1.x). I had been using the Sawfish WM, and before that the 
> Enlightenment WM. On both of these, you didn't really NEED a workspace 
> switcher, just moving the cursor off the edge of one workspace 
> automatically moved it to the next one, and if you were dragging a 
> window, well, it just went to the next workspace too. The current 
> Metacity WM lacks this capability.
> I can tolerate (just barely) the need for the switcher, and since I 
> don't move windows from one workspace to another very often it doesn't 
> bother me that much. But it sure would be nice if someone could 
> resurrect Sawfish or an old version of Enlightenment (I believe 
> Enlightenment is still around but changed beyond recognition from what 
> it was back then) and provide an alternate WM for the current version of 
> Gnome. Any volunteers? Pretty please?

Sawfish actually works fine with gnome but some minor bugs, all you
have to do is to remove metacity from the gnome-session current
session, start sawfish and set its gnome-session style to "restart" or

Sawfish actually lacks maintanace, but there is still a certain
interest in it, both from developers and from users unsatisfied with
the evident limited functionality of metacity (which is considered as
a feature for less advanced users), and in sawfish-list they're
discussing to resurrect the wiki.

Kind regards
Stefano Sabatini
Linux user number 337176 (see

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