Re: workspace switcher - how to get simple cursor?

I think the problem here is the window manager. I found this a nuisance when I upgraded to Fedora Core 6 from a VERY OLD system (RedHat 7.0 and Gnome 1.x). I had been using the Sawfish WM, and before that the Enlightenment WM. On both of these, you didn't really NEED a workspace switcher, just moving the cursor off the edge of one workspace automatically moved it to the next one, and if you were dragging a window, well, it just went to the next workspace too. The current Metacity WM lacks this capability.

I can tolerate (just barely) the need for the switcher, and since I don't move windows from one workspace to another very often it doesn't bother me that much. But it sure would be nice if someone could resurrect Sawfish or an old version of Enlightenment (I believe Enlightenment is still around but changed beyond recognition from what it was back then) and provide an alternate WM for the current version of Gnome. Any volunteers? Pretty please?

Jim Hartley

Keith Lofstrom wrote:
The panel applet "workspace switcher" helps me move windows from
workspace to workspace by dragging them.  A wonderful feature that
I often use to rearrange windows into task groups while I work.

For gnome 2.14 and earlier, the dragging process was done with a
simple arrow cursor.  For gnome 2.16 and 2.18, dragging a window
pops up a complicated multipart cursor, with a upper left corner
wedge, a 4 direction cursor, and a large box with an app icon in it. These all overlay the workspace switcher area on the panel, making
it very difficult to see what I am doing.  Frustrating.

How do I turn off all the extra graphics, and go back to a simple
cursor?  Is there a configuration parameter somewhere, or do I need
to modify and recompile gnome-panel?

If I must recompile, the gnome-panel code is completely comment-free,
and it is difficult to figure out where that extra graphics is being
drawn.  Can someone point at the module that draws the cursor during
the drag, so I can narrow down the area to start flailing on?
Alternately, can someone point out where this new behavior was
discussed before it was implemented?  I cannot find any mention of
it in the Changelog for the 2.16 gnome-panel sources, and I have
no idea which of the dozens of development related mailing lists
are related to gnome-panel development.

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