workspace switcher - how to get simple cursor?

The panel applet "workspace switcher" helps me move windows from
workspace to workspace by dragging them.  A wonderful feature that
I often use to rearrange windows into task groups while I work.

For gnome 2.14 and earlier, the dragging process was done with a
simple arrow cursor.  For gnome 2.16 and 2.18, dragging a window
pops up a complicated multipart cursor, with a upper left corner
wedge, a 4 direction cursor, and a large box with an app icon in it. 
These all overlay the workspace switcher area on the panel, making
it very difficult to see what I am doing.  Frustrating.

How do I turn off all the extra graphics, and go back to a simple
cursor?  Is there a configuration parameter somewhere, or do I need
to modify and recompile gnome-panel?

If I must recompile, the gnome-panel code is completely comment-free,
and it is difficult to figure out where that extra graphics is being
drawn.  Can someone point at the module that draws the cursor during
the drag, so I can narrow down the area to start flailing on?  

Alternately, can someone point out where this new behavior was
discussed before it was implemented?  I cannot find any mention of
it in the Changelog for the 2.16 gnome-panel sources, and I have
no idea which of the dozens of development related mailing lists
are related to gnome-panel development. 


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