GHex utility

I'm running 64-bit Ubuntu 7.04.  It has GHex 2.8.2 installed.

I needed to change one byte in an executable. Not being particularly knowledgeable about Linux, I chose 'GHex' from the applications menu. And for me, this Gnome utility did not work.

I clicked on 'find' - that gave me a panel whose use, despite me looking in the (obsolete?) GHex Manual V2.5, was not intuitive. It took me forever to figure out that I could type in an ascii search string on the right part of the find panel. (I had been converting the bytes of the search string into hex values and typing them in at the left - that's all the panel would accept there.) GHex did find the first occurrence of the search string, but that was not the one I wanted. When I then clicked on 'Find Next', the whole GHex session vanished. (This result was repeatable - perhaps GHex was having a problem with the 2.2 MB size of the executable ?) [I ended up ftp-ing the executable to a non-Linux system, patching it there, then ftp-ing it back.]

Gentlemen - this experience is not a good advertisement for Gnome.


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